June 27, 2016
Due to recent changes on YouTube's website, we unforunately are no longer able to fix and support Tube Toolbox.
Instead, we recommend that you head over to TubeAssist.com for a web-based version of automated YouTube marketing.
Use Promo Code Tube25Off for 25% any order on TubeAssist's website.
Please email support@tubetoolbox.com for info about migrating your Tube Toolbox subscription to TubeAssist.

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Hey Mac People!
Tube Toolbox does not work on a Mac, tablet or phone.
Instead, please use: https://www.TubeAssist.com
Sorry, Sending Service is not currently available.

Email support@TubeToolbox.com for inforation about our web-based version of Tube Toolbox that Mac users can use!

Sending Service Order Form

We have shut down our sending service indefinitely.

Good news though! You can get all of Tube Toolbox's features on your Mac/phone/tablet/whatever and spend 1/10th the time using it with TubeAssist.com. Check it out!


Item / Description Qty - Price

1,000 Targeted Contacts Added [formerly Friend Requests]

We will add 1,000 Contacts - YouTube™ users who match the target demographic that you specify below.
Automatically Subscribe to each channel that is added as a Contact (will increase the number of people who subscribe back).

250 Messages Sent to Targeted Users

We will send messages out to 250 YouTube™ users that match your target demographic. The only thing we need from you is a list of 10 completely unique subjects + messages that we will use for sending.
Please write 10 OR MORE unique Subjects + Messages below that we will send out for you
We know it's a hassle but YouTube restricts you if you send the same message over and over which is why we need to have 10 messages in the rotation.
URL (or Name) of your video to attach to messages (optional)

One Video Shared with 1,000 Targeted Users

We will share one of your videos with 1,000 YouTube™ users who match your Target Demographic.
URL (or Name) of your Video to Share

Comment to add along with video (optional)
Note: You cannot include a Url in your comment
You & Your Channel
Your Name:
Contact Email:
YouTube™ Username:
YouTube™ Password: Why do we need your password?
Your Target Demographic

Channels similar to mine:
Any additional notes about my target demographic
Because of YouTube limitations, we are unable to target geographically. So we can't target people
in a specific area. If YouTube ever changes their site to allow it, then we will do it.
1. Select Qty for each Service
2. Enter Your Channel info
3. Enter Target Demographic info
4. Review Notes section below
5. Submit Order

TOTAL: $0.00

After submitting the order, you will be re-directed to PayPal's website where you can either pay with your PayPal account or with a Credit Card.
  • All orders come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Although Tube Toolbox does not violate YouTube's Terms Of Service and we take extreme caution and care for each and every Channel that we work with, there is an inherant risk when ordering this service. We have NEVER had an account suspended or even 'warned' through our Sending Service but by signing up, you agree to release Tube Toolbox (Sincell, LLC) of any liabilities that result in using this Service.