June 27, 2016
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Nov 19th 7:02PM PST

We received several emails from Tube Toolbox customers saying that their YouTube account has been suspended today. At this point we're trying to figure out if it's just a coincidence or what but it seems very strange. We always keep our customers (you) aware of everything going on which is why we put up this notification. If you want to stay 'completely safe', you might want to hold off on using Tube Toolbox for a couple days until we figure out exactly what is going on here and why their accounts were suspended. Thanks, -Team Tube Toolbox
If you were affected, please view this link which includes information about getting your account reinstated: https://tubetoolbox.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/52780-info-suspended-accounts

Nov 21th 8:45AM PST

It's amazing how much we can hate a company (YouTube) that we built a product for. Everything we have done over the last 5 years has been to strictly follow their guidelines. We even created videos and data/statistics to prove to them that our software does not violate their TOS in any way. It appears that they get to be judge, jury and executioner and they are taking it out on you.

Our entire product and brand is based on user's accounts being 'safe' - which it has been for 5 years. Even though it's impossible to prove these suspensions were caused by Tube Toolbox, it does seem to be the case. To be clear, if someone manually shared videos by hand 24/7, they would have also gotten suspended, Tube Toolbox just automated it for you. Not because you actually violated their TOS but because they decided one day to punish people arbitrarily. I promise you, you were not in violation of their TOS as it is written. We are even considering a class-action lawsuit against YouTube depending on the scope of the issue.

For those of you who want to continue using Tube Toolbox, we are recommending that you stay away from "Share Video" for now - or at least increase your send delay to 10+ minutes between each send. Sending Messages and Post Comments could also potentially be an issue but seem a bit safer based on feedback. Those customers who only use "Add Contacts" do not seem to be affected by the suspensions.

Where do we go from here? We are going to reach out to YouTube and see if we can get some sort of official response from them. We would gladly make changes to our software if they would just TELL US what the problem is. Tube Toolbox has always been growing and changing over the last 5+ years and this could potentially be another turning point where we need to re-think the tools and what will benefit people the most and still keep their account safe. We are here for you. Please remember that. We love helping people get their videos watched and love getting all the positive feedback and seeing how Tube Toolbox has changed lives. It is devastatingly to us to receive emails and hear about the suspended account that you worked so hard on. We will keep this page updated with any new information we get...

Again, if your account was suspended, please look here: https://tubetoolbox.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/52780-info-suspended-accounts

Nov 21th 10:10AM PST

Here is a response from YouTube from a customer who appealed their suspension:
YouTube staff review flagged videos 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate our Community Guidelines. When a video or account is brought to our attention we investigate and take action if necessary. We are unable to provide specific detail regarding your account suspension or your video's removal. For more information on our what we consider inappropriate content or conduct while using YouTube, please visit our Community Guidelines and Tips at http://www.youtube.com/t/community_guidelines and our Help Center article at http://help.youtube.com/support/youtube/bin/answer.py?answer=92486.
Based on this information and other details from customers, our current theory is that YouTube has become more restrictive when it comes to people marking Shared Videos as spam. To put it in simple terms with made up/fake numbers... prior to Nov 19th, if your video was flagged as spam more than 50 times, then YouTube staff would see you as a 'spammer' and you'd get suspended. After Nov 19th, if just 3 people mark your video as spam, then you are a "bad person and all of your hard work and videos must be deleted and account suspended." Of course those are made up numbers but based on the data and information that we have received from customers, the issue seems to be something along those lines. All of a sudden just a few people marking your video as spam raises red flags and they go after you. We are putting out an emergency Tube Toolbox release warning people to drastically reduce the number of videos that they share each day or stop completely and just use Add Contacts.

This is little comfort to those who have lost their account but we have spent the last 6 months working on tools to help in-bound traffic to your videos (such as ranking higher in search results, etc) instead of out-bound marketing (sending people your video directly). By focusing on in-bound traffic, there is absolutely no way to get in trouble. We will make these new tools available shortly. As mentioned in the paragraph above, we need to adapt to YouTube and this is one initial way that we will do that.

Nov 22nd 8:05PM PST

We disabled the Share Video feature as most of the suspensions were from using that feature. We are obviously working hard to figure out where to go from here. We have emails we are sending to VPs at Google/YouTube to try to get a definitive response/answer to what can be done to keep accounts safe. We are also looking at possible changes to Tube Toolbox to reduce the chances of suspension.

Nov 23rd 3:55PM PST

We have released a new temporary version of Tube Toolbox which puts back Share Video but it will be more restrictive. This is to help ensure that in the short term (until we get a response back from YouTube) that everyone will remain safe. In this version, the delay between each action is increased. Over the course of 24 hours, you will still get almost as many actions out, but there will just be more space between each action. Also, if you are using Tube Toolbox, you might just want to limit use to 8-12 hours per day just in case they all of a sudden have a problem with people who run automated software 24/7. This is something that we are looking in to also. We have PROOF that Tube Toolbox does not 'access youtube faster than a human' because 7 months ago we video taped ourselves doing certain actions and recording the time. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYgwwgv5-QnWd0Y5HbozuUw/videos and based on that, we have this page: http://www.tubetoolbox.com/youtubetos_testing.aspx. You absolutely did not do anything wrong and should not have been suspended.

We will add a form to this page later today where you can enter your channel that was suspended along with your contact email address and we will be submitting that list to YouTube after we hear back from their VP. Because it's Thanksgiving weekend, it's not likely that we hear back until next week but we will keep you posted if we hear something sooner.

Nov 24th 1:15AM PST

Suspended Account Submission Form
Note: You can submit one account per paid Tube Toolbox subscription that you have/had. Do not submit "dummy" or "proxy" accounts. Only submit "real" channels that had your original content. Check the 'Include in correspondence' box if you want to be included in our emails to YouTube when we request users get reinstated. The Notes field below will not be sent to YouTube but we will read what you write. It's your chance to rant or provide any additional details.

Contact Email:
Include in correspondence to YouTube

Nov 26th 12:16PM PST

We are in the process of working on two separate tracks.
First, and most importantly, we are working on the wording of the email/letter we will be sending to YouTube regarding our customers' suspensions. Obviously, we want to make sure the email is worded in such a way that we get a response from YouTube. We expect to have the email finalized tomorrow and will send it out when it is complete.

Second, this week we will be running tests to identify YouTube's new thresholds for message sending. Even though our software complies with YouTube's published Terms of Usage, they have obviously implemented changes more restrictive than their Terms of Usage. We hope to hear from them regarding what these new restrictions are. However, if we don't, we are trying to quantify the new restrictions. As you should be aware, we implemented very restrictive sending changes to our software in the latest release to error on the side of caution. Once we have completed our testing, we will release a new version with new restrictions based on our testing.
We appreciate the emails we have received from people expressing their understanding of the situation. However, for everyone involved, please rest assured we will do everything in our power to get suspended accounts reinstated. Bottom line, it will come down to Google/YouTube's recognition of and compassion for the destruction they have caused by not evaluating activity usage based on their published Terms of Usage.

Nov 27th 08:20AM PST

We had a customer using the latest version of Tube Toolbox whose account was suspended today. HOWEVER, in reviewing their data file we found that the person had started multiple instances of Tube Toolbox and was sending from each instance for the same account. This resulted in his channel sending messages much faster than our current timings (since he was running multiple instances). If you try to circumvent our new restrictions by running multiple instances of Tube Toolbox for the same account you run the risk of getting your account suspended.

Nov 27th 04:00PM PST

Email has been sent to the Global Head of Policy, Enforcement, and User Operations at YouTube. And, now the wait begins. We will give him a few days to respond. Meanwhile, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we have had several customers whose accounts were reactivated. The interesting thing is that YouTube said they researched the issue and found they were not violating YouTube's Terms of Service. The bad news is their videos and view statistics were lost (or so, YouTube is saying). We have seen situations in the past where accounts were reinstated and it took several days for everything to be replaced. We still have most of our customers whose accounts were suspended still not able to get reinstated. Be sure and complete the form above to add your name to the list. In our email to YouTube, we told them we had a list of customers whose accounts we would like reinstated.

Nov 28th 10:06PM PST

No word back from YouTube yet (it has only been 1 day). We have other contacts that we hope to get in touch with if this one doesn't work out. Also, Share Video still seems to be an issue so we put out a new release with a big warning if you try to use the feature. We are running tests trying to figure out what gets you suspended and what doesn't. It would be nice if YouTube would JUST TELL US and everyone would be happy and could follow their rules. Instead, they leave us all in the dark. We will let everyone know immediately if/when we hear back from YouTube. When we contacted them, actually included some of your emails talking about the years of hard work that lost in hopes that they see you as real people who have invested in their product and not just another account mixed in the millions of others.

Dec 1st 10:30PM PST

When we contacted the YouTube VP, we included a URL with our entire message which was html formatted and included some of your emails and words. We did get a response but it was simply that he "doesn't click on links in emails" but he said he'd be happy to help if we had a YouTube question. We responded with the entire message in an email (instead of just a link). That was on Friday and no word back so we are hoping to get something Monday or Tuesday (assuming that he doesn't work over the weekend).

There have been a string of customers who have gotten their accounts back. Believe it or not - several have had success telling YouTube that they used Tube Toolbox and only used it because it (Tube Toolbox) said they were 100% compliant with the TOS and they promise to never use it again. Again, we understand that we are going to lose a ton of business here even though we feel we followed their TOS to the word but we are happy to take the blame and never hear from you again if it means that YouTube will give you your accounts back. So if you've appealed many times and they keep rejecting you, it could be time to tell them about Tube Toolbox.

We are working on a new version of Tube Toolbox that we hope to get out tomorrow (or Monday). It will remove the current restrictions that we have in place. Instead, you will see a "Risk Meter" for each bulk action. Based on the action, Send Delay, multi-account sending, etc, we will tell you how risky your current behavior is. We will still follow YouTube's TOS 100% as we did before, but, based on what people were doing who got suspended, we will tell you if your settings seem risky or not. There are no guarantees anymore so I think this is the best we can do. Combine everyone's information and keep it all transparent and use it guide Tube Toolbox usage.

Dec 5th 8:00 AM PST

Since we had not heard from the YouTube VP, we sent another email asking for a response. In both sets of emails, we said the number one priority was to get our joint customers accounts reinstated. Secondary to that, is our request for YouTube to tell us the "real" rules. Since we believe we have shown we follow their Terms of Service, we asked for any unpublished rules. We are willing to make changes to Tube Toolbox in order to follow the rules - we just need to know what the rules are. As mentioned above, a new version was released which incorporates a "Risk Meter" for each bulk action. Before initiating the bulk action, you can click on the link and based upon your specific information, we will tell you whether the risk is Low, Medium or High (and the reasons for the rating).

Dec 13th 7:30 PM PST

When we first emailed the YouTube VP, we sent him a link to a web page explaining the situation. He responded to the email and said he does not click on links in emails but would be happy to respond to any YouTube issues/situations. So, this means he is receiving our emails. However, the next two emails we sent were not responded to. At this point, it has been over two weeks since the first email went out and we don't hold much hope for getting a response.

Our primary concern has always been helping our customers get their channels back. As we stated on December 1st...
There have been a string of customers who have gotten their accounts back. Believe it or not - several have had success telling YouTube that they used Tube Toolbox and only used it because Tube Toolbox said they were 100% compliant with the TOS and they promise to never use it again. Again, we understand that we are going to lose a ton of business here even though we feel we followed their TOS to the word but we are happy to take the blame and never hear from you again if it means that YouTube will give you your accounts back. So if you've appealed many times and they keep rejecting you, it could be time to tell them about Tube Toolbox.