June 27, 2016
Due to recent changes on YouTube's website, we unforunately are no longer able to fix and support Tube Toolbox.
Instead, we recommend that you head over to TubeAssist.com for a web-based version of automated YouTube marketing.
Use Promo Code Tube25Off for 25% any order on TubeAssist's website.
Please email support@tubetoolbox.com for info about migrating your Tube Toolbox subscription to TubeAssist.

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Hey Mac People!
Tube Toolbox does not work on a Mac, tablet or phone.
Instead, please use: https://www.TubeAssist.com

Tube Toolbox Screen Shots

Tube Toolbox Main Interface

Tube Toolbox

This is a screen shot of the main Tube Toolbox interface. You will notice a large web browser on the right hand side and a whole list of options along the left hand side.

Friend, Video, Subscriber and Favorites Synchronization


Tube Toolbox automatically synchronizes with your entire list of YouTube Friends, Subscribers, Videos and Favorites. This gives you quick access and the ability to contact an entire list at once.

Target users with Spider Search

Spider Search

The Spider Search is used to gather targeted users. You can specific age, gender, location as well as filter by things such as 'last time the user logged in'.

Gathering Status

Gathering Status

When Tube Toolbox is going through page by page of search results, you will be able to see how many users and videos have been gathered. If filter options are set, you will also see how many have been filtered.

Select Recipients

Select Recipients

When performing a bulk automated process, you need to add recipients. Tube Toolbox has options which allow you to make sure you never send to the same person twice.

Automated Friend Requests

Auto Contact Requests

Automatically send Contact Requests to lists of gathered users. Tube Toolbox allows you to optionally auto-subscribe to their channel as well which can help increase the number of people subscribed to yours.

Automated Message Sending

Auto Message Sending

Automatically send Messages to lists of gathered users. Tube Toolbox allow you to rotate between a list of pre-set messages and also allows for multi-account sending.

Automated Comment Posting

Auto Post Comments

Automatically post comment on User's Channels and text comments on Videos. CATPCHA bypass options available (wait for CAPTCHA to expire) or manually enter the security code.

Auomated Video Sharing

Auto Share Video

Automatically share videos with other users. Tube Toolbox allows for multi-account sending and comment to be included with each shared video.

Sending Status

Sending Status

While one of the automated processes listed above are going, you can see a complete status - start time, number of successful sends, next user, send delays, etc.

Importing and Exporting Users/Videos

Import / Export

Tube Toolbox allows you to import and export both lists of users and lists of videos. Various formats accepted like text (Txt), Comma Separated Values (csv) and XML.

Reports / Sending History


Tube Toolbox allows you to view a complete history on all of the automated sending you have done. Great for reporting purposes. You can even export the information into Excel.