June 27, 2016
Due to recent changes on YouTube's website, we unforunately are no longer able to fix and support Tube Toolbox.
Instead, we recommend that you head over to TubeAssist.com for a web-based version of automated YouTube marketing.
Use Promo Code Tube25Off for 25% any order on TubeAssist's website.
Please email support@tubetoolbox.com for info about migrating your Tube Toolbox subscription to TubeAssist.

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Promo Code: Tube25Off
Hey Mac People!
Tube Toolbox does not work on a Mac, tablet or phone.
Instead, please use: https://www.TubeAssist.com

Tube Toolbox Pricing

  • No matter which option you choose below, you get the exact same Tube Toolbox features. The only difference is the price and duration of your Subscription.
  • With each Subscription you purchase, you can use it with one YouTube™ Channel at a time. Want to use a single subscription with multiple channels? Look Here

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NOTE: Pre-paid credit cards are not allowed for a recurring monthly subscription.
Purchase 3 Month Subscription - $49.95 one-time fee
Perfect for short-term marketing bursts without the commitment.
Purchase 1 Year Subscription - $99.95 one-time fee
Perfect for a long-term marketing plan without the commitment.
Purchase Lifetime Subscription - $149.95 one-time fee
One payment. A lifetime of Tube Toolbox use.

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Never pay an activation fee twice for the same account.
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