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      New YouTube Send Message Restrictions

      YouTube Restriction Changes

      YouTube has implemented new restrictions for their SendMessage feature. They have dramatically decreased the number of messages that can be sent out in a 48 hour period. We have done extensive testing over the last week not only using TubeToolbox but also by sending directly using the Compose Message feature of The results were the same whether Tube Toolbox was used or we sent manually. Here are our results:

      If you are sending from one account, YouTube will restrict sending after approximately 200 messages. Once you hit their limit of 200 messages, you must wait 24 hours before trying to send another message. This wait time is not only for sending messages from Tube Toolbox but also sending messages directly from Although, you can reply to an email sent to you – that does not count as a send message to YouTube.

      If you try to send messages during the 24 hours you are supposed to wait, your 24 hour wait period is extended for another 24 hours. In other words, if you wait 12 hours and try to send again, the send will fail and you must wait another 24 hours before sending again. We have test accounts that were not able to send for days because we did not wait a full 24 hours before trying again. We were able to send Friend Requests and Share Video during our 24 hour wait period.

      We tried many different variations to increase the number of messages we could send. However, with just one account the best options are our current recommended delay timings (i.e. minimum delay = 1 minutes for Add Contacts, 7 minutes of Send messages and 15 minutes for Share Videos, and wait retry time = 15 minutes).

      One configuration that did work better (we were able to send approximately 500 messages in a 24 hour period), was to have 5 accounts setup and rotate messages between those 5 accounts. Note that in all cases we assume a message count of 15 unique messages. However, even with this configuration after we hit the limit, we had to wait 24 hours before trying again. We know the limit is hit because nothing goes through for several hours. At that point, you must stop and wait 24 hours.


      Coming changes to Tube Toolbox

      There are a few changes we are going to release in the next week or two. These changes will help us troubleshoot individual’s accounts and, hopefully, gain more insight into why some customers get better results than others.

      We will be adding more logging information to the database file, so we can track when you begin and end a sending session.

      We will be logging the result of each individual send, again, so we can troubleshoot issues.

      We will add the ability to restart and resume asending session from the point that it was stopped.

      We are thinking of adding an automated wait time of 24 hours when we have not successfully send any message for 2 hours.

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      Posted by Toolman on Monday, March 14, 2011 8:22 AM
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